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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Maryland

workers' compensation lawyer

Our workers’ compensation lawyer has over 25 years of experience and has been involved in over 10,000 litigation claims. With our level of experience, we are confident in successfully representing our clients for their worker’s compensation claims.

If you have suffered any work-related injury or illness, contact Macleay Law to see how the worker’s compensation laws can be applied in your favor. The consultation is free!



What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation, also known as worker’s comp or workman’s comp, is a type of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to workers who got hurt at work or fell ill due to work-related activities. It is usually more commonly used in types of jobs that require more physical intensive labor, such as in construction workplaces.

An employee is paid workers’ compensation either by the employer or the state. There are multiple ways that this can be done: a state-run insurance program, payments to an insurance company, or direct payments made to the employee by the company.

The types of benefits that the workers’ compensation insurance provides vary across the states. If you are unsure about the benefits for your state, you can look it up online or ask someone who has extensive knowledge about it, such as a workers’ comp lawyer.

One thing to consider is that workers’ compensation should not be confused with unemployment benefits or disability insurance. The compensation is only for workers who have been injured on the job in contrast to the disability insurance where it pays out the employees regardless or not if the injury or disability that occurred on the job.

It is worthwhile to note that when an employee does accept workers’ comp benefits, the employee waives their right to sue their employer. This point may come into play in certain situations where the employer may have done something wrong or is liable to compensate the employee further.

workers' compensation


When to Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

You should hire a worker’s comp lawyer if you have been injured or fell ill due to work-related activities. While not all claims might be covered under the worker’s compensation laws, it is a good idea to discuss with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to see if your compensation claim is worth pursuing.


It is recommended to speak with an attorney first because not all claims are covered by the worker’s compensation insurance.


Why Should I Hire A Worker Compensation Lawyer?

One reason why you should hire a worker compensation lawyer is to get a professional’s input on your claim and situation. While you may believe that the injury or illness you received from working may be a valid claim, there are other factors that should be taken into consideration. For example, if you were intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when the injury occurred, you most likely will not be covered. However, this may vary state by state.

Another reason why you should hire a worker compensation lawyer is to really help you get the most you are entitled to from the settlement. Sometimes, the settlement offer may not be good enough, and your lawyer can push to make sure you are getting the most you can.

There are plenty of other reasons for hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer. Your employer may deny your claim, offer inadequate settlement offer, not pay you when a medical issue keeps you from returning to work, or retaliate against you by firing or demoting you. If any of these situations apply to you, a workers’ comp lawyer can help to make sure that the law works in your favor.

Last, but not least, a worker compensation lawyer will make sure that all deadlines are met and that all documents and evidence necessary to support your case are gathered. Even if you did get hurt or ill because of your work, the court may not work in your favor if there are no documents to prove your claim.


Think You Have A Case? Contact Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you think that you have a valid claim for worker’s compensation, contact our workers’ compensation lawyer. Once we get to learn more about your claim and situation, we will be able to tell you if we can help. Even in the case that we are not able to take on your case, we will tell you what next steps you can take.

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